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Atlanta Businesses offers this guarantee:

“Money Will Not Buy Out Your Advertising Space on the Internet!”

By this we limit companies to 5 accounts on this business directory.

Our Mission:

We strive to conquer the internet with the businesses that list on this Atlanta Business Directory. As technology and algorithms change so will the SEO services change provided to this website. Our goal is to help small businesses to strive on the Internet where corporate giants try to rule.

The Business Directory: optimizes each business profile page for search engines specifically Google. What does this mean? Your business profile page will get indexed and will show up in search engine results like Google, Yahoo, and all the others. So when someone is on Google or Yahoo your company has a chance to be found by a potential client in the search engine results not just on will also be optimized for a variety of business related areas searched on the Internet to increase its exposure on the Internet as well. Increasing your visibility by users on the Internet.

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The Company:

Computer Construction Company, Inc. and has been in business since 2001 and it is a top ranked SEO company in Atlanta. It focuses on small businesses and getting them to show up at the top of Google.

The Owner:

Durenda Wood CEO and founder of Computer Construction Company, Inc. She has been in sales since 1980 and has focused her sales experience toward the internet since 2001.

She has been described as someone who has enough entrepreneurship for 10 people.   invented the business directory’s concept.   and has learned her own secrets for SEO technics. She claims to be in business for small businesses and that is why this business directory was created.

Durenda Wood invented Dock Ur Docs® a device that magnetically attaches to the side of your car and it displays and dispenses brochures and business cards. This device utilizes the cheapest form of advertising a company uses to market itself, business cards and brochures.

We hope you use these two new marketing products designed just for you.