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Honey Bee Removal Georgia

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Honey Bee Removal Georgia
The Bee Wranglers

Honey Bee Removal Georgia

We are The Bee Wranglers of Atlanta providing honey bee removal in Georgia. Hello and welcome to our Honey Bee website. My name is Durenda and my sister’s name is Shamein. As sisters we work together to remove honey bees from your property in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We have no problem traveling to your site.

Honey Bee Removal Georgia

We do not straight up charge to remove the honey bees, we ask for gifts in other words something you think it is worth to have the honey bees removed. However if we have another beekeeper come to remove the honey bees, the beekeeper may charge to remove the honey bees. please send us an email on the contact us page or call us @ 678.218.0400.

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Removing Established Honey Bees from Your Home

Extracting honey bees from buildings is considerably more difficult than collecting swarm clusters. When the colony is first established, only a few pounds of adult bees are present, but these bees rapidly build combs, collect honey, and begin to rear more bees. A well-established colony may have up to 100 pounds of honey, many pounds of adult and developing bees, and many beeswax combs. Removing such a nest is a challenge. The first step is to find the exact location of the combs and size of the colony.

Although honey bees can be killed inside buildings by using pesticides that are labeled for killing bees inside of structures, this removal option often leads to undesirable consequences. (Note: These chemicals are available only to licensed pest control operators.) If the adult bees fall into a large pile, they may hold their body moisture and rot in place, producing a very bad odor. Liquid from the decomposing mass frequently penetrates the structure, leading to costly replacements.

Honey Bee Removal Georgia

678 218 0400
404 725 4648

Atlanta and surrounding areas

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Honey Bee Removal Georgia